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Mommy and Me!

Ages 18 months - 2 years old
Mommy and Me! Offers you the chance to take class with your little one. This class includes creative movement and baby ballet. You will guide your young dancer through fun movement and games, while music and props keep the class energetic and engaging!

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Tutus and Tap Shoes

Ages 3-5. 
Take turns tip toeing and tapping across the dance floor in Tutus and Tap Shoes! This Ballet and Tap combination class builds on the basics and fundamentals of dance while igniting the love of dance through fun and creative movement! The class consists of half ballet, half tap, with a bit of free dance to introduce creative movement to our dancers. Our goal is to instill the love of movement, creativity and the arts in each of our students!

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Dynamite Dancers

Ages 5-8. 
Be Dazzling. Be Dynamic. Be a Dynamite Dancer! The hour and a half class consists of ballet, tap and jazz. The Dynamite Dancers build upon the fundamentals of dance by beginning with the basics and progressing beyond through building self-esteem and quality performance skills. Our goal is to instill the love of movement, creativity and the arts in each of our students!

Beginning Ballet

Ages 7 & up

Grace, Beauty and Power. Ballet is the foundation for all other dance forms. Dancers will begin with the basics of ballet and build beyond by developing their technique through movement and combinations for the ballet barre, across the floor and center floor. Dancers will learn ballet terminology, body placement, balance and style.

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Beginning Tap

Ages 7 & up 

Shuffle, hop and step right into tap class! Tap is a fun and energetic style that allows you to create rhythms and music with your feet! Dancers will learn musicality, rhythm and coordination while experiencing warm ups, traveling steps and center floor combinations.

Tap Dance Class

Beginning Jazz/Contemporary

Ages 7 & up

This fun and exciting hour and a half class is half Jazz technique and half Contemporary technique. Dancers will learn the basics of both styles. Stretching and strengthening the body is essential to jazz and contemporary. Jazz will introduce students to leaps, turns and kicks and the slide across the floor and spin center floor. Contemporary will give dancers the opportunity to express themselves through choreography and stylized movement. Let the music move you in these two popular styles of dance!

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Teen/Adult Ballet

Ages 16 & Beyond

Teen/Adult Ballet is both fitness and fun at its finest! Open to ages 16 and beyond, this class is for intermediate level dancers. A solid foundation in ballet provides a beautiful framework for all other dance forms. From the barre, to center, and across the floor, you will find the power and grace of ballet!


Teen/Adult Tap

Ages 16 & Beyond

Musicality and Style are essential for Tap Dance! Teen/Adult Tap is for dancers ages 16 and beyond, and focuses on creating rhythms with your feet. This class takes students through warm ups, traveling steps and center floor combinations. Come show your flair for rhythmic patterns and musical beats!


Teen/Adult Musical Theatre

Ages 16 & Beyond

Take a walk down the Great White Way with Teen/Adult Musical Theatre! Open to ages 16 and beyond, this class will sharpen the skills you need for the next big audition! Teen/Adult Musical Theatre is a performance-based class that also provides excellent technique. Dancers will learn various combinations from Broadway musicals in a variety of styles.

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