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Coppell Early Care and Education

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We are proud to partner with Coppell Early Care and Education to bring you Mini MoversTM !!!

Please click on the buttons above to complete

  • The Registration form

  • The Semester's $25 Registration Fee

  • The $40 Monthly Tuition

Please complete all payment through this website. Please do not give Mini Movers'TM payment to Coppell Early Care and Education. 

Registration Fee:

$25 Registration Fee

Registration Fee due each dance session and due upon registration.

Monthly Tuition:


Tuition is $40 a month whether there are two, three, four or five dance days in the month. When you register, the first month's tuition and registration fee are due. Every effort will be made to hold class as scheduled. If the school cancels our class beyond our control, we will make every effort to hold class on another day. 

We are excited to jump, dance, play and learn together!!!

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