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"My child really enjoyed the class and she loved it! She actually learned to dance!" - Alice H. 07/23/2021

"Miss Amy is a great teacher. My daughter expects to attend her class every Monday. Her instructions are easy to follow and the music is great too." Tseng J. 07/22/2021

"Our child was totally engaged and absolutely loved this class." - Susy 06/09/2021

"My 6 year old niece loved the class and Miss Amy! She was super nice, friendly and awesome with the kids. Great class! Our first time on Outschool and it was awesome! I will definitely schedule another class for my niece with Miss Amy!" - Cynthia P. 05/27/2021

"Love Miss Amy and her classes! My daughter has participated in 4 groups of 4 classes each and it has been all very good and entertaining. Will continue to look for more classes with Miss Amy!" - Colleen C. 05/04/2021

"My 6 yr old and 3 yr old really enjoyed. After being in virtual school all year, really appreciate this outlet. Was our first class but we will be trying more. Miss Amy was enthusiastic and talked to each child!" - Debra G. 03/08/2021

"Our daughter really enjoyed this class. We signed her up for the next level immediately" - Matthew G. 03/02/2021

"Another wonderful class with Miss Amy. She keeps my high-energy daughter, who is turning 5 this week, engaged for the entire 40-minute class with a variety of movement activities to teach basic ballet techniques. She is so sweet and reinforcing to the kids as well. I love that they get to work on a final dance performance a little at a time for the final class. It is such a big accomplishment to my daughter! Thanks, Miss Amy!" - Lauren P. 02/25/2021

"My daughter really enjoyed Miss Amy’s ballet 1 class! She did a really great job keeping the girls engaged and moving through various ballet-inspired activities. The culminating dance that they worked on piece by piece each week was certainly the highlight! We look forward to taking ballet 2 in the coming weeks with you! " - Lauren P. 01/23/2021

"What a wonderful experience. Our daughter looked forward to it every Saturday. Miss Amy is very friendly, helpful and makes the class fun while teaching basic poses and steps." - Melissa A.  01/23/2021

"Miss Amy was great!! The dance was taught in sections and is definitely suitable for this age group. We loved it!" - Tracey T. 12/12/2020

"This was excellent! Thank you! The teacher was sweet and engaging and my daughter loved the routine." - Stephanie J. 12/10/2020

"This class was so much fun! My unicorn-loving girl had an absolute blast and was able to show me some of her new moves after class. Thank you, Miss Amy! " - Erin C. 10/21/2020

"I am providing feedback as she is taking the class. She already screamed a few times how enjoyable this class is. She just loves it. Amazing teacher. We will sign up for your other classes." - Farzana R. 10/16/2020

"My girls love unicorns. They were able to dress like unicorns for this class. Miss Amy went through some basic jazz movements and put them together to form a cute routine. Miss Amy was very patient and kind to my daughters who had many questions and comments during class. Miss Amy even allowed them to share a favorite song at the end of class. :)" - Cleo C. 10/14/2020

"What an amazingly fun experience! Thank you, Miss Amy! (My Learner) looks forward to other classes that you may choose to offer. Class was inclusive and engaging. Thank you for a great time." - April W. 10/09/2020

"My daughter is 4. She said dance class was fun today. She likes moving all around and dressing up as a unicorn. This was her first Jazz class and she enjoyed it." - Rosanna W. 09/12/2020

"My 5 and 1/2 year old was very camera shy in the beginning but after a few moments Miss Amy had the class dancing and my daughter said it was fantastic! " - Wendy D. 09/05/2020

"Perfect for our 5 year old daughter! This class was a fun mix of dance moves and story time. Miss Amy was high energy and great at motivating the kiddos to practice the dance moves (not an easy feat in an online format!)." - Christine B. 09/01/2020

"My daughter loves this class! We’re so glad Miss Amy is doing a second month-long course. The students learned several ballet steps and combined them to learn a whole dance. Miss Amy gave constructive feedback to ensure they were doing the steps correctly. Miss Amy was very sweet and energetic, and she was so great with the kids. Highly recommend! " - Emily C. 08/29/2020

"We loved the story at the beginning and Miss Amy's enthusiasm. Clearly she loves what she does. We also like her use of the ballet vocabulary as she explained the dance." - Jacqueline D.  08/26/2020

"Another 5 star class by Ms Amy! I really like that she starts out by chatting with each kid and letting them share something about themselves, before moving on to the story and the dance. We will be signing up for more!" - Anika G. 08/24/2020

"A lot of fun! My daughter loved the class and as soon as it ended she asked when she can do it again." - Rachael W. 08/06/2020

"Miss Amy’s class was fun and inviting for all. My daughter Blair really enjoy her class. So if you haven’t tried her class I suggest you....go for it! You won’t regret it." - Brittany W. 08/02/2020

"This class was amazing. My daughter really appreciated the warm welcome, the unicorn story, the stretching with fun explanations. The dance was taught in small steps and then they built it altogether into one really cute performance. She had so much fun! We can't wait to dance again. " - Jen B. 07/31/2020

"This was a great class! My daughter was engaged the whole time, and Miss Amy was enthusiastic, creative with her content, and so encouraging!" - Laura C. 07/30/2020

"Zoe LOVED this class. The instructor was super patient and you could tell she enjoys teaching children. This ones a gem!" - Gina S. 07/29/2020

"Miss Amy does a great job of getting the kids moving with easy and fun dances. My littles were a bit shy, but definitely enjoyed the class. We will be looking for more classes from this teacher! Thank you Miss Amy! :) " - Danessa P. 07/27/2020

"Miss Amy was warm and patient. My daughter enjoyed her time in the class very much." - Rinat M. 07/24/2020

"Very cute class! Ms. Amy is very energetic and uses child-friendly language when teaching her dance moves." - Jess M. 07/24/2020

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